Travel Soccer - U9 & above

Updated Friday February 26, 2016 by Concetta Slaney.




Manhasset Soccer offers a travel soccer program to players looking for additional and more competitive soccer than that offered through our intramural program. This program is available for players eligible to register for U9 and above travel soccer. Players whose birthday fall within the USSF required birth year this fall have the option to play “travel soccer”.   It is made for children that want to play more soccer at a COMPETITIVE LEVEL. 


Teams for U9 and above are tiered according to ability based on results from the spring evaluation sessions. MSC requests from player trainers a separate evaluation and is used by the MSC evaluation committee on as “as needed” basis. Players are given a certain time period in which to accept their spot once tryout results are announced. A player who does not accept his spot or does not attend a tryout, but decides later to join travel soccer, will be placed on the lowest tiered team if roster space is available. 


Games are played on Saturday or Sunday and teams are then entered into leagues and placed in divisions appropriate to the respective skill level. A league season consists of 9 games played over approximately 10-12 weeks as set by Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL) or New York Club Soccer League (NYCSL)  Scheduled game day for U12 and below are Saturday; Sunday for U13 and above – though game day can be changed if requested.  Prior to each season  (Fall and Spring) players must register to be placed on a team through Sports Sign Up. We encourage players to participate in both seasons, however players can drop or be added at the start of or during the season. The fall season runs September – November and the spring season runs April - June with 8-9 games per season.


Players and families should consider joining a travel soccer team as all travel players must be committed to attending the training sessions and games, as missing training sessions and games has a negative impact on the entire team.  The parents and children must understand the commitment that is being asked of them.  Please carefully consider the commitment being asked of you and your child before considering this travel option for your child. 

In addition to league games, teams may enter into cup and/or tournament competitions. Travel teams typically practice 1 or 2 times a week.  Practice schedules are requested by the coach based on player availability and granted by MSC based on field availability.  Trainer selection from MSC approved training organizations is also determined by the coach.  MSC appoints team administrators from parent volunteers. Each teams should have a minimum of (2) parent admin’s on the sideline, trainers are not recognized as parent volunteers when attending a travel game



Travel players will incur costs in addition to the player registration fee paid to MSC:  trainer costs, offset by a stipend from MSC depending on age-group. uniform costs and additional cup/tournament entry costs.  Such fees are borne equally across players on a team. 


After registration is completed, a uniform ordering link will be sent to players to complete the ordering process for travel uniforms. Returning players do not need to order new uniforms as the previous seasons uniform is acceptable. New players will be required to purchase a “uniform  kit.” New players are assigned a random number, which is pre-determined by team and number availability (no number requests can be honored). Each player is required to purchase a “uniform kit” from the MSC partner, Upper 90 Soccer. Each kit includes the “required” travel gear - (1) navy blue jersey, (1) orange jersey, (1) navy short and (1) pair navy socks. Additional items are offered and are optional. Players must order uniforms by the specified deadline in order to ensure delivery prior to the start of the season. Players will have the option to pick-up their travel uniform upon completion at Upper 90 Soccer in Hicksville or have it shipped. The cost of the uniform is not included in the MSC registration fee.


Registration opens several weeks in advance of the league-required registration. All interested players are expected to register in a timely manner. A late fee is incurred, as MSC is required to meet LIJSL deadlines. MSC attempts to place every registered player on a travel team however, occasionally rosters are deemed “full” and players are placed on a waiting list. If we cannot accommodate a player, full refunds are issued. For player who request a refund due to conflicts or other commitments, refunds, less registration fee’s, etc. will be processed.